Life wasn't just a journey for you. The road was essential, and you had a part to play!

ready to inspire?

life wasn’t just a journey for you. the road was essential, and you had a part to play.

Ready To Inspire?

It's a new world...

 The business era has changed dramatically over the past years. Less and less, people believe the advertisements. Instead, we are motivated by other people’s inspiring stories.

we used to think

that stories were just for kids

We thought life was about facts, numbers, and results. We were wrong.

Welcome to the storytelling age. Every person has two stories. The first is the story they live by – which, over the years, has been writing itself – and the other is the story they tell.

Our stories are what keeps us going. Great stories inspire people, create a fantastic business brand, attract investors, and change lives.

Who needs stories?

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Since people tend to buy from those they trust, a Compelling pitch backed by data-driven presentation, storytelling talks & events can pique people’s interest and boost sales.

companies & managers

 A compelling story that aligns with the organization’s core values can strengthen its position set it apart from competitors, and build a lasting reputation.

Artists & speakers

Combining personal stories with your knowledge and expertise will set you apart from your competition and help build strong relationships with your audience worldwide.

Hi, I'm shirit

The one who makes stories out of everything. As an experienced strategic consultant and storyteller with a master’s degree in business administration, I turn knowledge into compelling and inspirational content.

In the past two decades, I have met thousands of business and organizational leaders, and what has inspired me on every occasion is my desire to assist them in writing their own success stories

I would be happy to create yours.

ways i can help

ted talk event (2)

inspiring Ted talks events

Have you been invited to a TED conference? or maybe you want to create a Ted Talk to market your expertise? I would love to help you turn your knowledge and experience into a smart, intriguing, and marketing Talk.

authentic business storytelling

It’s always the story that matters! Facing clients, suppliers, employees, or associates. So, let’s ensure you tell your best story..

unique storytelling events

Imagine your staff is on stage giving their talks, looking so proud. Storytelling events are a great way to brand your firm. 

people forget facts but remember the story

Shirit Ben Israel

our approach

 See how it works:


First, we bring stories to life. On the way, we learn what the hero’s journey is and reveal its inspirational insight


Afterward, we shake and link the past, present, and future together for a new twist. Now, a new story is born.


Finally, we discover the promise, link it to your product, wrap it in special packaging, and prepare you to inspire!


Selected projects

speakers amstedam whats your story

Exciting Ted talks event in ICL global suppliers conference 2023

The Ted Talk event presented by ICL was a huge success that highlighted their dedication to the environment and showcased innovative sustainability solutions.

whats your story Gaza kidnapped story

whats your story 7/10/23: brave women stories event

Discover the inspiring stories of brave women who faced unimaginable challenges in the terrible massacre on 7.10.23 and see firsthand how their resilience, creativity and determination etched their names in the history.

Inspiring Ted Talk in Home front Command convention 2022

Major General Ori Gordin presents the cultural shift in Israel’s defense approach on the home front due to Coronavirus and Operation Wall Guard

Storytelling is the game: it’s what we all do.

Shirit Ben Israel

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