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Planning to present a new project? Groundbreaking research? Professional innovation? Or maybe stories of employees and managers?

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Hi, I'm shirit

The one who makes stories out of everything. As an experienced strategic consultant and storyteller with a master’s degree in business administration, I turn knowledge into compelling and inspirational content.

In the past two decades, I have met thousands of business and organizational leaders, and what has inspired me on every occasion is my desire to assist them in writing their own success stories

I would be happy to create yours.

Why invest in Ted Talk events?

Credibility & Reputation

Presenting at a Ted Talks Events is an excellent chance for a company to showcase its expertise, leadership, and innovation to a broad audience.

Interest & Influence

Participating in a Ted Talks Event can help a company effectively communicate its message and values to a broad audience, shape public opinion, and generate interest in its brand.

Global Branding

Ted Talks Events can help a company brand itself on a global level. The lectures are available online, exposing people from different countries and cultures to the company.

Planning A Ted Talk Event?

how do we do it?

Our full-service event planning covers everything from content creation to marketing.

We tailor the talks to meet your unique strategic and business requirements and objectives.

1. Crack

we collaborate with you to pinpoint the essential subjects and concerns that your audience is curious about.

2. build

Our services include assisting you in choosing top-notch speakers and presenters to communicate your messages effectively.

3. precise

We collaborate with the speakers to develop the lectures, starting from the idea and finishing with content editing.

4. design

After editing the talks, we will provide the speakers with marketing presentations incorporating captivating storytelling. 

5. coach

We will now commence with simulations and speaker training, which involves preparing individuals to present in front of a live audience and camera.

6. produce

We will integrate interactive activities and experiential elements and create informative content that engages and inspires the moderators for the event.

“…The lights go out.
Silence prevails in the hall.
And hundreds of pairs of eyes are engaged in anticipation
Now, it’s your time…”

The Official Ted Guide to Public Speaking, C. Anderson 

Selected projects

speakers amstedam whats your story

Exciting Ted talks event in ICL global suppliers conference 2023

The Ted Talk event presented by ICL was a huge success that highlighted their dedication to the environment and showcased innovative sustainability solutions.

The first Alut Ted Talks event swept the audience

A group of parents with children on the autism spectrum shared their experiences behind the scenes. The four speakers left us breathless…

Inspiring Ted Talk in Home front Command convention 2022

Major General Ori Gordin presents the cultural shift in Israel’s defense approach on the home front due to Coronavirus and Operation Wall Guard

Clients say about shirit

they already have a ted talk

 To be confirmed: Senior Vice President of Executive Customer Advisory at EcoVadis – Nicole Sherwin

The next-generation supply chain – meet “The Antonie”: Femke Brenninkmeijer, the CEO of NPRC, the largest inland shipping cooperative in Europe 

Want to create an unforgettable event?

FAQ about Ted talks

A TED Talk is a presentation at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference that is typically 18 minutes or less and focuses on a specific topic. The first TED conference took place in 1984. Since then, TED Talks have become a popular platform for sharing ideas and sparking conversation. 


Some critical elements of a successful TED Talk event include engaging speakers, a clear theme or focus, a well-organized schedule, high-quality audio and visual equipment, and effective promotion. 

Speakers for a TED Talk event are typically chosen based on their expertise in a particular field, ability to communicate their ideas effectively, and passion for their topic. Other speakers, TED staff, or community members may recommend them. 


Some tips for preparing speakers for their TED Talk include helping them refine their message and focus on their key points, coaching them on their delivery and stage presence, and providing opportunities to practice their talk in front of a live audience. 

Creating a theme or focus for a TED Talk event involves identifying a topic or issue that is relevant and timely and that will resonate with the audience. It involves conducting research, consulting with experts, and soliciting feedback from potential attendees. 

Some strategies for promoting a TED Talk event include leveraging social media and other online platforms, partnering with relevant organizations or influencers, and using targeted advertising to reach potential attendees. 



Handling logistics for a TED Talk event involves careful planning and coordination to ensure that all aspects of the event run smoothly.

This may include securing a suitable venue, arranging high-quality audio and visual equipment, and hiring staff to manage various parts of the event. 

Some common mistakes to avoid when producing a TED Talk event include:

  • We need to prepare speakers properly.
  • Refrain from promoting the event effectively.
  • Underestimating the logistical challenges involved in organizing such an event. 

The success of a TED Talk event is measured in several ways, including attendance numbers, audience engagement and feedback, media coverage, and the impact of the talks on the broader community. 

Some ways to continue the conversation after a TED Talk event has ended include:

  • Creating online communities or discussion forums.
  • Sharing videos or transcripts of the talks.
  • Organizing follow-up events or activities that build on the ideas presented at the event.