Story events

people need more than facts

They want to express their authentic voice. 

They want you to listen to them.

They long to share their story.

So why not let them?

And along the way, you will also gain!

Deeper connections and involvement are exactly

what storytelling events do!

How can you benefit from storytelling events?



Suddenly, people begin telling their own stories. They show new capacities they were unaware they were capable of. Storytelling events in companies empower employees and strengthen the bond between them and the company



Professional speakers are easy to invite. But, transforming your employees into specialists willing to inspire is more complicated. Ultimately, you will notice that your staff invests and appreciates you more than before.




In critical moments, we generally draw strength from inspirational, positive people. Provide your employees with a chance to discover their potential and inspire.

How can I help?

Our formula, combined with your content, inspires!

Ted story events

Most of your employees have stories to share, and they want to tell them. Why not let them tell their stories?


Storytelling events

Women’s day, mergers, reorganizations, only authentic content in the right packaging will empower.


Business storytelling

Information alone won’t move the audience. People want to feel that you care about them, and creating a business story will help them connect with your business.

Company story events

Imagine an annual event where instead of familiar speakers or artists, your directors are giving the talks.


Our selected Projects

 With precision and love, we transform your stories into inspirational content

Storytelling for official events

The main target of the project was to promote social issues and agendas through storytelling events.

What we did:

  • Business intelligence
  • Concept development
  • Content
  • Storytelling development
  • Designing presentations
  • Presentation coaching

TED-style storytelling events

Project: Programs “What’s Your Story?” Developed by Shirit Ben Israel, which ends with TED-style lecture events.

What we did:

  • Writing workshops
  • Developing inspirational lectures
  • Building presentations
  • Presenting training
  • Storytelling
  • Directing the shows

Storytelling events: promoting awareness for breast cancer

The main target was to develop a video program to mark the month of the fight against breast cancer in 2020. The broadcasting took place on the YouTube channel of the Tel Aviv Municipality Workers’ Organization.

What we did:

  • Concept development
  • research
  • interviews
  • content writing 
  • marketing presentation
  • storytelling 

Storytelling events: Struggle against Violence 25.11.201

Aspiring to promote awareness and minimize male violence against women in Israel, we were required to develop a video program. The broadcasting took place on the YouTube channel of the Tel Aviv Municipality Workers’ Organization.

What we did:

  • Concept development
  • research
  • Formulating interview stories
  • creating the content
  • Building an inspirational presentation
  • accompanying studio shooting  

Branding events

Project: “Now I’m!- A personal journey for self-fulfillment”, a branding book for the processes of women’s empowerment in the city of Ashdod.

What we did:

  • Concept development
  • Coaching
  • Writing
  • Naming
  • geditin
  • Design
  • Launch the event

Storytelling for social events

The main target was to connect organizational strategy with empowering content to strengthen the brand and create solidarity.

What we did:

  • Concept development
  • Content writing
  • Building inspirational lectures
  • Creating an inspirational presentation connected to the organization’s strategy
  • Public speaking
  • Staging

Hi, I'm shirit

The one who makes stories out of everything. As an experienced strategic consultant and storyteller with a master’s degree in business administration, I turn knowledge into compelling and inspirational content.

In the past two decades, I have met thousands of business and organizational leaders, and what has inspired me on every occasion is my desire to assist them in creating their own success stories

I would be happy to help you create yours.

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