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‘You always tell stories about everything’ my mother used to say in a complaining tone.

And I, I work well with numbers. I have studied two degrees in business administration, and for the past twenty years, I have been a strategic consultant, accompanying thousands of executives in business development and growth processes.

But wait, what about the stories? 

In childhood, they were my closest friends and helped me deal with embarrassment when I wanted something. As an alternative, I would invent a story with a plot and characters and convince those around me to help me reach my goal.

After serving in the army in my twenties, I began applying for various jobs and was shocked to receive the same response from most employers: “Sorry, you are overqualified.” Overqualified? Me? How can a young woman without a degree, professional experience, or a resume of over half a page even be over-something? Having no job offers but wanting work is frustrating, so what can one do? So, I started my first company.

As a 21-year-old, I opened a fashion design studio and a sales agency in Dizengoff Center Mall. I was a different kind of designer with a limited edition collection and was worth paying a lot. Most of all, I was interested in how my clothes changed the lives of my clients.

Later I set up my second business and opened a consulting agency. Again, I found myself returning to the numbers, but the people behind them spoke with stories. And yes, again, we are in stories. We achieve excellent results when we connect the story and the numbers.

To this day, more than 7,000 people and businesses have changed their stories through work processes with me. 

My mom would have loved to know how her daughter could make a winning story out of anything.


What’s your story?

Shirit Ben Israel

shirit ben israel story expert

Story Expert 

Shirit is an international expert in storytelling and a strategic consultant. She developed TED Talks and inspirational events for companies in Israel and worldwide.

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