Moran (Milky) Stavitzky presents: how to makeup your life?

Shirit Ben Israel

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Introducing Moran (Milky) Stavitsky

She is a renowned makeup artist and influential public speaker from Israel. Her transformative journey from a traumatic past to a successful career in the makeup world inspires all. 

She is exciting, a great actress, and captivates you from the first moment. Moran Stavitsky is 41 years old, married, and the mother of two charming daughters. She is a lecturer, workshop host, and Bar Refaeli’s in-house makeup artist. In addition, she is also a revered network influencer with a devoted following of 70,000. 


About Moran’s talk: “Makeup your life.”

In her powerful lecture – “Make up your life,” Moran reveals the secrets behind her resilience and inner strength and invites us to explore the themes of personal growth and the art of makeup. 

So, if you’re ready to navigate the harsh realities of life, learn to nurture yourself without guidance, and turn a life of loss and difficulty into a success story, book Moran’s lecture now. You won’t regret it.

Moran takes us on a transformative journey.

Her odyssey is a narrative shaped by adversity, loss, and self-realization: from a child who grew up in the shadow of an abusive mother, who lost her father at a young age and discovered that she had to raise herself, to overcoming and breakthroughs in all areas of life. And most importantly, Moran’s story is a testimony to the strength of the inner strength found in all of us.

  • So, what was the defining moment when Moran shed the shackles of her past and embraced a new beginning against all odds?

In her lecture, Moran reveals the secrets behind her journey from a place of pain to a realm of empowerment, culminating in a successful career in the makeup world. 

She invites us to explore themes of loss, resilience, and the innate power that guides life-changing decisions. 

By delving into the intertwined realms of personal growth and the art of makeup, Moran imparts unique wisdom on using makeup as a tool for change.

“No matter what cards we were dealt when we came into the world. What matters is what we do with them.”

How do you navigate the harsh realities of life?

  • How does an adolescent learn to nurture himself in the absence of guidance?
  • And how do you turn a life of loss and difficulty into a success story?

To do that, you will have to book the lecture.


During our mutual journey: 

  • We developed an inspirational lecture – moving – to make life better.
  • We built a marketing presentation with storytelling.
  • Through simulations and rehearsals, we’ve proven that Moran is an outstanding and exciting actress who captivates and moves any audience. 


Who is the lecture suitable for?

Moran’s lecture is the perfect fit if you’re looking for an empowering life story to give you a more optimistic worldview or an inspirational lecture for a company event. 


How excited are you? Were you inspired by Moran’s story? I want to remind you that everyone has an untold story to share. Maybe now is the right time to tell yours.

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