against all odds: 3 inspiring stories of women who turned no into a career

Shirit Ben Israel

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Life stories often begin with discouraging words like “you have no chance” or “you won’t make it.” Regrettably, many individuals grow up believing these negative comments from parents and teachers. Nevertheless, there are always exceptions.

This article highlights the incredible journeys of three women who defied limitations imposed on them by others and transformed their “no” into a powerful “yes.” Despite facing various challenges in their childhood, these women persevered and built successful careers uniquely.

I had the privilege of accompanying them on their journey to turn their life stories into inspiring speeches.


Angela Moschayev – Flying with the Dream

Angela’s story demonstrates the challenges faced by a young girl striving to fulfill her life’s dream against a background of despair. Despite society telling her she had no chance of success, Angela found the courage to defy everyone and follow her dreams.

Her story sheds light on how far determination can take you when your drive to achieve your dreams outweighs the fear of your environment.

Angela’s initial ambition was to become a nurse due to family tradition, as all the women in her family were nurses. But, her grades at school were too low, and the teachers doubted her abilities and suggested she become a seamstress.

But… something burned inside her. And from that day, she set out on a relentless pursuit to prove herself. Through unwavering determination, Angela became a head nurse in a hospital ward. In addition, she became an instructor at a nursing school and currently serves as a lecturer on stress and burnout among nursing staff in hospitals.

And by the way, she hates sewing.

Angela’s story is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and self-belief. She shattered limitations and discovered her true potential thanks to resisting social expectations and overcoming self-doubt.

Angela’s journey inspires us to challenge the stigmas and prejudices surrounding us (and we must admit, there are many). It encourages us to pursue our dreams non-stop because we can almost always achieve much more than we initially imagined.

Angela’s story is just the beginning of our exploration into the lives of four extraordinary women who turned adversity into triumph. Stay tuned for the following two inspirational stories to inspire you.


Yarden Moshe – Size does’nt matter!

Since childhood, Yarden has dreamed of being a model. But, in the harsh reality of social beauty standards that admire thin legs and a flat stomach, Yarden had no chance as a chubby girl.

As a child, she faced boycotts and bullying because of her weight. In adulthood, she suffered from negative body image and self-image that affected her relationships. And yet Yarden has transformed. Her transformation is a testament to the power of a personal mindset. She realized that it all starts with how she perceives herself.

Although she did not fit the mold of traditional models like Twiggy, Yarden recognized the importance of personal empowerment and self-acceptance. Through her journey, Yarden transformed from a rejected and insecure girl into a confident, attractive plus-size model.

She walks the runways of fashion shows in Israel and lectures young girls about body image. She aims to prevent them from falling into the trap of negative self-talk, believing they are unworthy because they don’t fit society’s standard of beauty. She empowers young girls to embrace their uniqueness and reject harmful beauty standards through her work as a plus-size model and body image speaker.

Yarden shatters the myth that size matters in a way society may not have expected. If you ask Yarden, size does matter! Because it was only thanks to him that she turned from a chubby and rejected girl into a beloved model.

Yarden’s story shows the personal power each of us has to deal with myths and norms and even shatter them.

Her story inspires us to redefine what is truly important and recognize the importance of self-acceptance.


Unleashing the Power Within The Miraculous Journey of Francie Elbaz

Life has a way of presenting us with challenges that test our strength and resilience. For Francie Elbaz, her journey as a new immigrant from Brazil to Israel was marked by loneliness, financial difficulties, and a constant lack of understanding.

Despite this, her story takes an unusual turn when she delves into the world of miracles and discovers a power within herself that changes her life.

In her inspirational lecture, she talks about her journey and how she went from feeling isolated and unsupported to becoming a beacon of hope for others struggling with negative thoughts and self-belief.

The first step in Francie’s journey – a journey of loneliness and financial difficulties:

Arriving in Israel without family or friends, Francie faced the terrifying reality of starting over in a foreign land. The isolation weighed heavily on her and made her believe no one understood her. On top of that, she experienced a financial shortage that lasted for years. However, Francie’s innate curiosity and tendency to question the world around her despite these challenges became her guiding light.

The second stage in the journey – awakening to the power of miracles:

Francie’s natural affinity for exploring and asking questions led her down a path of extraordinary discovery.

Through her talk, she reveals how her life took a remarkable turn when she shifted her focus inward, ignoring the judgments and expectations of the world. By aligning her inner focus with her deepest desires, she began manifesting all she had always desired but felt unable to achieve.

The third step in Francie’s journey – from a pathfinder to a roadblock:

Today, Francie is a clinical and educational psychologist and an instructor in the psychological service of the Tel Aviv Municipality. From the transformation she experienced, she specializes in helping people who still suffer from negative thoughts and lack of self-belief.

Francy Elbaz’s journey is a testament to the transformative power we all have within us. Through her trials and tribulations, she discovered the incredible impact of changing her inner narrative and connecting to the miracles her thoughts could summon.

Today, Francie helps others break free from negative thinking patterns and unlock their potential for miracles. Her story inspires us to embrace our power and create the life we want.

Francie Elbaz reminds us all that miracles do not happen by chance – they are within our reach if we only dare to believe and act.



We learned about the remarkable journeys of three exceptional women who defied all obstacles and transformed every rejection into a resounding success and an extraordinary career.

With resilience, determination, and an unshakable belief in their abilities, they overcame challenges, turned setbacks into triumphs, and motivated others to pursue their dreams despite the odds.

Their stories demonstrate the strength of perseverance and the boundless potential of having a positive attitude.

Did the stories inspire you? Remember, everyone has an untold story. Maybe it’s time to share yours!

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