Defeat autism: 7 inspirational lectures by parents of children on the spectrum

Shirit Ben Israel

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I invite you on a fascinating journey where you will discover a collection of inspiring stories that shed light on the unwavering determination, the unconditional love, and the unbreakable bonds that bind 5 families raising autistic children.

Heli Brod

How do you make a place for growth and enjoy a healthy relationship, even though you are a mother of two children on the autistic spectrum?

Heli is a marketing manager at the Tel Aviv Municipality employees’ organization, mother of two autistic children

Heli never expected her life to develop in this way. Over the past fifteen years, she has faced the challenges of raising two children with autism.

As someone who constantly seeks solutions to the complexities associated with autism, Heli has developed a unique methodology. This approach has allowed her to provide her two sons with everything they need to thrive and empowers her to nurture her bond with them.

In addition, she recognizes that achieving her third goal holds the key to the victory of the previous two. This goal revolves around self-cultivation.

During the lecture, she gave us 8 basic principles that guided her in her journey and should also help other parents. These principles include adopting self-acceptance, adopting a holistic perspective, conquering obstacles by breaking them down, participating in open discussions on the most uncomfortable topics, and more.

Iris Reuven – “Sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Iris is formerly, a senior manager at Motorola with Asperger’s and a mother of two children with autism.

Iris got tired of apologizing all the time. At first, she found herself apologizing on her behalf, but eventually, she also found herself apologizing for her two children. Such is the reality of a mother on the autistic spectrum with two children who are also autistic.

This constant stream of apologies became routine in Iris’s life until she realized it wasn’t her fault and there was no justification for all her apologies.

Iris wants to convey a decisive message to us today: self-acceptance as people with autism, and constant self-improvement within the limits of our abilities are of utmost importance. However, she emphasizes that there is no need to apologize for simply being who we are.

Sorry, but I didn’t mean to… You won’t hear that sentence from Iris again!

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Perach Ezra

educational assistant and behavioral diagnostician in a special education kindergarten. Mother of two children with autism.

Every child craves love, warmth, attention, and inclusion. Unfortunately, these essential ingredients were absent in Ferach’s home. However, Ferach refused to let the shortcomings damage her determination to live and develop into the woman and mother she always aspired to be.

It was a long and painful journey, but she persevered through countless obstacles, including violence, isolation, abandonment, raising two autistic children independently, financial difficulties, and many more.

Throughout her experiences, Farah discovered 5 strong forces that drove her forward. Today Perach wants to share them with us and promises that when you connect with the forces that resonate with you, you will conquer every difficulty, grow, and fulfill your biggest dreams.


Anna Drozdov – “Winning Combination”

Anna is a Social worker in Ramla municipality, mother of two children with autism, and lecturer on behalf of ALUT

Anna Drozdov is a devoted mother of three children. Anna’s fascinating story about an unusual combination that exceeded all expectations.

In the world of autism, every child deserves a unique combination of benefits from the government. It consists of tools, techniques, and personal assistance at school, that facilitate communication and foster social integration in the school environment.

For parents of children on the autism spectrum, finding the perfect help for their child is the ultimate dream.

In addition to being a social worker dedicated to caring for others, Anna embarked on a personal journey that combines her profession with her story. She discovered something extraordinary that had happened to her child – a unique, surprising, and unexpected event that could not have been foreseen, not even by Anna herself.

With great enthusiasm, Anna shares her experiences and insights, shedding light on a winning combination that has the potential to impact as many autistic children as possible positively.

In her lecture, Anna reveals the transformative power of the “winning combination”.

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Efrat Artzi – “Double profit”

Efrat is an economist at Bank Leumi, and also Yotam’s mother, who is on the autistic spectrum.

 Efrat’s unique perspective on life was shaped by her journey of caring for her son. According to Efrat, her transformation sparked thanks to Yotam. In her fascinating lecture, Efrat will delve into the “Win-Win” concept we often encounter in negotiations.

She proves that this principle is true not only in transactions but also in integrating autistic children into regular classes. Efrat’s journey supports the concept of “double profit” where everyone involved benefits and prospers.

Efrat shares her unique insights in a captivating lecture that will leave you with a renewed perspective on the power of embracing diversity.

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Adi Rahamim Klein – “In the end, this is what’s left”

Adi is an economist, and mother of a girl with autism.

Adi Klein Rahamim is an economist and devoted mother of three children. Adi takes us on an extraordinary journey that began when she noticed something different in her daughter, Roni, at age two. However, it wasn’t until Roni turned 14 that the official diagnosis of autism was confirmed. And so, the family embarked on a transformative journey.

In her lecture, Adi invites us to the magical world of Roni and her friends. She shares with us how Ronnie’s inclusion in their group brought joy and acceptance and allowed them to overcome challenges they were hesitant to discuss openly. Believe it or not, this new camaraderie even improved their academic performance.

The name of the lecture that Adi chose symbolizes the lasting impact and the profound lessons she learned from her experiences.

On stage, Adi reveals the incredible potential of embracing diversity and fostering inclusive communities.

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Aviela Deutsch – “Don’t be afraid of the thorns”

Aviela is a translater and writes marketing content for organizations, mother of her teachers, on the autistic continuum

Aviela Deitch, from Migron near Jerusalem, is a mother of six wonderful children, one of whom is a teacher, and of course, Moriah who is on the autistic spectrum.

Aviela’s journey is imbued with an infectious spirit of laughter and humor that she brings throughout her steps. Aviela finds joy in laughing at her accent and embraces humor as she faces life’s challenges and difficulties.

She firmly believes that shifting our focus to the right things can uncover magical worlds, especially when understanding and supporting autistic children. This sentiment is beautifully encapsulated in the title of her talk, “Don’t Be Afraid of Thorns,” which hints at the notion that something incredibly unconventional awaits us all.

Aviela takes us on a captivating journey through “Don’t be afraid of the Thorns: about piles, autism and everything in between”. In the lecture, she shares her unique perspectives and insights that will leave you with a new appreciation for the extraordinary potential within all of us.

And just to satisfy the curiosity, Aviela’s daughter- Moriah is indeed autistic, but from a young age, she develops gadgets and applications… because under her thorns, there are outstanding skills.

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In the end,

The stories of the fantastic parents you met in the article remind us that the struggle may be arduous, but in the depth of this challenge, we can find enormous strength, which helps generate growth and reshape the world around us.

So, just before we say goodbye to the gallery of inspiring parents, let their stories linger in your heart for a bit longer, and remember them whenever you are required and want to show unwavering love, compassion, and support to yourself or others in the face of adversity. Because that’s the only way we’ll succeed in creating a more inclusive and understanding society, where every child, regardless of their unique challenges, can thrive and grow thanks to their skills and abilities.

Together, we can make the change!

How excited are you? Were you inspired by the stories? Again, I want to remind you that everyone has an untold story to share. Maybe now is the right time to tell your story.

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