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Shirit Ben Israel

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We live in a world of victory, adversity, and change. People often discover purpose and personal growth when they encounter extraordinary circumstances.

In the article, I presented five extraordinary stories of people who worked with me on their life stories, turning them into inspirational lectures.

They all overcame obstacles and emerged stronger than ever. Their journeys demonstrate the resilience and determination of the human spirit. Having overcome the profound loss of parents and siblings, shattering social norms, discovering hidden passions, and leading the way for others, they have forged unique paths that inspire and ignite hope.

Discover the transformative power of Guy, Gil, Guy Or, Idan, and Allaly’s stories. Prepare to be moved and inspired, and remember that everyone has an untold story waiting to be told.

The Guy Monk Story 

Guy’s journey is a testament to human connection and human resilience. Through the love, support, and guidance of extraordinary people, he overcame enormous challenges and discovered his inner strength.

His story inspires others, reminding us that no matter how challenging life may seem, there is always hope and positive change. By embracing the wonderful people we meet on our travels, we can tap into our inner reserves of strength and faith. This will enable us to rise above adversity and find the courage to believe anew.

Read Guy’s full story

Gil Hassidim’s Story 

Gil was born in a poverty-stricken Ashdod neighborhood, deeply rooted in religious beliefs. However, throughout his life, he harbored a deep secret that ultimately made him the man he is today.

In a captivating lecture, Gil reveals his arduous and winding path – a journey that took him from the slums of Ashdod to a vibrant life in Tel Aviv. From grappling with his future aspirations to leading a prominent organization. From hiding his secret to embracing shameless authenticity, Gil’s narrative is inspiring.

How do you form a meaningful identity while growing up as a religious child, all while keeping a weighty secret? And how do you bridge the gap between the house they grew up in and the future they aspire to build?

Gil’s odyssey reveals the path he set out on and culminates in the brave embrace of his gay identity, his fulfilling relationship, his role as a successful manager in the Tel Aviv Municipality, and his new joy as a father.

Gil discovers five invaluable keys that can guide anyone who faces essential questions about his identity, aspirations, abilities, and, above all, the art of listening to his inner voice over social pressures. These keys open the door to discovering an individual and purposeful identity – one that is intimately connected to our inner meaning.

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Alaly Bero’s Story 

Alaly’s journey from Ethiopia to Israel exemplifies resilience, determination, and striving for a better life. Through his experiences, he inspired parents who wish to raise their children in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

Alaly’s lecture on the art of comfortably raising children despite noisy reality offers parents valuable insights and practical tools. By creating calm and peace amidst the chaos, being role models, and embracing the power of genuine compliments, parents can create a magical world of child-rearing that is all calm and peaceful, something we have long forgotten.

Alaly’s story reminds us that we can create a harmonious and fulfilling family life with love, patience, and the right mindset. For anyone who wants to raise children comfortably and enjoy the relationship they dreamed of before becoming a parent, you should listen to Alaly’s lecture.

Read Alaly’s full story

Idan Shakruka’s Story

For far too long, Idan has lived in a shadow, in the same room as his autistic brother Dawn for 24 extraordinary years. However, it was a defining moment when Shahar moved to the senior residence, and Idan felt he deserved his place in the spotlight.

As an actor, Idan appeared in the series Neighborhood: We also saw him in various chamber theater and cinema roles. But Shahar’s story affected me most profoundly in his life, no less than his achievements.

With unwavering love and deep understanding, Idan explains the intricacies of his brother’s life. He offers us a glimpse into the extraordinary journey of growing up alongside an autistic brother. With an exceptional combination of vulnerability and strength, Idan delves fearlessly into the challenges and conflicts he faced as Shahar’s brother. He also shares the immeasurable pride and joy he experienced when seeing his brother’s growth.

From his experiences, Idan shares five valuable keys that open the door to compassion and appropriate behavior when interacting with young and older people on the autism spectrum. With sensitivity, he implores us to embrace deeper understanding, break down barriers of ignorance, and foster an inclusive society that celebrates each person’s diverse talents and inherent beauty.

Read Idan’s full story

Guy Or Friman’s Story 

Guy is a senior capital market expert and trading and investment coach. With an impressive background spanning two decades in the high-tech industry, including ten years as a hardware engineer and processor architect at Intel and the role of VP of Engineering at several startup companies, Guy’s journey to finding his true passion was a revelation.

Despite his successful high-tech career, he felt he was missing out on something truly fulfilling in life. Neither did he know that the missing piece of the puzzle would be revealed when he encountered the conquering world of the capital market.

About a decade ago, he embarked on a journey in the financial market after a trip to India. Guy immersed himself in intensive learning that has since become an integral part of his life. With all its intricacies and wonders, the market constantly amazes him. It provided a constant source of discoveries and insights that fuel his enthusiasm today.

Using his experience learning and managing portfolios, Guy has rigorously created a practical approach that empowers people to uncover their deepest desires. He also navigates the path to them through effective money management. This transformative method equips people with financial knowledge and serves as a gateway to understanding their aspirations. It also unlocks their financial potential.

How excited are you? Were you inspired by the stories? Again, I want to remind you that everyone has an untold story to share. Maybe now is the right time to tell your story.

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