The first-ever What’s Your Story -Ted Talk Event at ISSEF Foundation

Shirit Ben Israel

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The Science Builds Society conference hosted the first-ever TED Talk event at ISSEF Foundation.

Attendees were privileged to hear from a group of trailblazing fund graduates who shared their experiences and insights from their unique journeys. Their stories were truly inspiring.

Many individuals have testified that the ISAF Foundation saved their lives and enabled them to achieve their goals. The foundation has provided numerous study and life scholarships to young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds in Israel’s outskirts.

My introduction to this organization came when I was asked to create a proposal for developing talks and training non-professional speakers for a Ted-style lecture event. Since then, my involvement with the foundation has been history-making…I feel honored to have been selected.

“They are brilliant; you’ll see when you get to know them,” Nathalie Yitzhak, the foundation’s employment and career manager, told me. On the other hand, “If it weren’t for Issef, I wouldn’t have gotten where I got to” was the sentence I heard from each speaker.


The Team

The ISSEF team included four speakers. None of them were lecturers. Each came from a different background, in a different life situation, and with a unique story.

Nicole Dzuraiv

With her Ted Talk – ‘Catching a Ride on a job search, as an Opportunity to Become the best version of You.

Tal Assulin

With his Ted Taklk- wish to leave a mark? Always do more and beyond!

Mira Finkelstein Hermoni

With the Ted Talk – ‘The Power of the small letters’

And Zenba Ezra

with the fourth Ted Talk –  ‘Thank the Wings: how I Turned from a Shepherd to a Doctoral Student

What did we do?

  • We formulated topics and content for the lectures
  • We held the lectures
  • We built marketing presentations with Storytelling
  • We trained the speakers to stand on a stage in front of an audience

The Ted Talk Event

250  students about to graduate and enter the job market attended the event. The event’s purpose was inspiration, modeling, and practical tools for graduates who have already entered and even progressed in the job market.

They stood on stage on the event day at the Rabin Center in Ramat Aviv. One by one, they gave an incredibly accurate performance and thrilled the audience.

At the end of the event, I looked at the four ISEF stars and understood what the ISSEF managers meant when they said that not all ISSEFs are unique, one by one, determined and goal-oriented.


The foundation’s career director says:

“The process was orderly and organized. The reference material was instrumental. You guided and explained every little detail and are a professional in the field. You gave each of the four speakers extra time and a sense of personal accompaniment. The reviews of the lectures were excellent, and we couldn’t have asked for a better professional companion.”

Nathalie Yitzhak, director of employment and Career, ISAF Foundation

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