ALUT What’s Your Story Ted Talk Event: pioneering, moving and inspiring

Shirit Ben Israel

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Every brand needs a story.

In today’s world, it’s widely recognized that TED Talks Events are the perfect platform for communicating a message, changing people’s attitudes, introducing products, and building a personal brand.

We live in a time where our attention spans are short, our schedules are busy, and the demands on our lives are constantly increasing.

Therefore, we seek experiences that are exciting and engaging. TED-style lectures provide a unique opportunity to balance serious content with an immersive experience.

Even ALUT, the National Association for Children and Adults with Autism, recognized the power of this approach.

My mission was to help parents of children with autism turn their personal stories into captivating TED Talks. Participants came from all over the country to take part in this program.

Continuity, spectrum, autism, with autism, those with a disability. Disability. Those with an autistic disability. On the spectrum… Very fast, I had to catch many of these definitions in the first meeting. And there, I also understood the difficulty. Because when something is controversial and undefined, the road can be winding.

The process was complex. But a month and a half later, we had six Ted Talks and presentations. There were stories.


The plan

Ten pioneer parents started the journey, nine mothers and one father.

They all shared one passion: to tell their story and show you why they believe it is worthwhile for society to integrate children with autism.

The starting point of the parents was – it is worthwhile, not a favor or an act of kindness or charity.

Welcome to ALUT Ted Talk Event

On 14.9.22, 4 brave and determined speakers stood on the stage. Each brought her own story in her unique style.

The whole event revolves around the magic word – integration.


‘A winning integration’ – with Anna Drozdov

Anna Drozdov was the first to take the stage. Anna is a mother of three children and a social worker who cares for people most of her life. At the seam between the professional and personal stories, she realized that what happened to her son should happen to as many autistic children as possible.

In her lecture – “A winning integration,” Anna shared a story about something extraordinary that happened to her son, something surprising and unexpected that no one could have planned, not even Anna, that changed his life.

‘Double profit’ with Efrat Artzi

Efrat Artzi, an economist at Bank Leumi, is the mother of three children, one of whom is Yotam, and he is autistic. Efrat has a unique worldview that she developed against the background of caring for her son.

According to Efrat, the change in her happened thanks to him.

Efrat was very shy, but thanks to the need to socially pave the way for her autistic son, she was freed from the few fears and concerns that were her lot. Therefore, she originally called her lecture – “Thanks to Yotam.”

Efrat believes that “what doesn’t kill you, forges you,” as Nietzsche said. Therefore, this is not only Efrat’s story, nor is it only Yotam’s; in Efrat’s eyes, it is the story of all of us.

The bottom line, she’s not shy anymore!

And again, indirectly, it’s thanks to Yotam.


‘In the end, this is what is left’ with Adi Klein Rahamim.

The third, with great seriousness, was Adi Klein Rahamim. From the first meeting, Adi confidently told me a sentence that almost sent me to Mars – “Whoever is around an autistic child will earn a gift for life.” But, by the end of the process, I understood. And once I understood, Adi’s and my mission was to make the whole world and his wife understand the gift Adi was discussing.

Adi Klein Rahamim is an economist and mother of three children. At age two and a bit, Adi thought that something was different with Roni, but no professional agreed. Only at 14 did the definition come: Roni was diagnosed as autistic. And from there, the family went on a journey.

In her lecture, Adi introduces us to the beautiful world of Roni and her friends and reveals to us how, thanks to Roni’s acceptance into the children’s company, she was able to help them overcome difficulties they didn’t dare to talk about, and, won’t you believe, even… improve grades.

‘Just don’t be afraid of the thorns’ with Aviela Ditch

Fourth and last, at ALUT’s first Ted-style lecture event, the funniest woman in the group took the stage. Aviela Ditch, mother of six wonderful children, one before the last, is a teacher of a child on the spectrum who insists that they know she is autistic and not any other words.

Throughout the lecture, Aviela Detch brings with her a spirit of laughter and humor: she laughs at her accent, she laughs at the way to deal with difficulties, and she also believes that once we look at the right things, we will discover magical worlds especially when it comes to autistic children.

Even the title of her lecture – ‘Don’t be afraid of the thorns: about sabers, autism and everything in between,’ hints that something very unusual awaits us.

In the audience in the hall sat Moriah. The stunning and not boring daughter about her was Aviela’s lecture. I met her before and after the event. And just like Aviela said – stunning, there is never a dull moment with her.


The presenters: Yael and Lilac, the power couple

Two presenters from ALUT led the evening – Yael Geber, director of community education, and Lilach Topaz, coordinator of community education at ALUT.


What did we do?


In conclusion,

As a society, we often talk about the importance of accepting others and embracing their differences but struggle to put it into practice.

It’s common knowledge that no one is perfect, and we all have weaknesses, shortcomings, and flaws. Instead, we should focus on each other’s strengths and learn to accept others for who they are while appreciating the good and unique things about them. This is what proper integration means.

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