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Shirit Ben Israel

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Ted’s events make the difference

Today, more and more managements understand that the way to differentiate the company from the competition and brand it as an innovative company in its field is through producing a TED Talks event.

Companies that have already taken the step have discovered that gathering strategic suppliers or leading customers for a TED TALKS event around a topic that is a derivative of the company’s strategy helps position the company as unique and groundbreaking.

  • In addition, the event generates a broad dialogue around the main topic that the company wanted to promote before, during, and after the event.
  • The videos of the talks can be distributed on the net, using them to excite customers and suppliers at the following conferences held by the company and arouse considerable envy among the competitors.

You can read about the 7 branding advantages of TED TALKS events and how they contribute to creating a success story here.

For these reasons, we recommend companies that want to brand themselves around expertise or groundbreaking innovation to initiate and produce a well-publicized TED Talks event.


The ICL corporation understood it  

In December 2022, the “Suppliers Conference 2022: Creating the Future Together!” occurred in Be’er Sheva.

More than 350 company suppliers from all over Israel participated in the conference. One of the conference’s highlights was an hour of Ted lectures from 8 CEOs of leading companies in Israel, and strategic partners of ICL in sustainability and environmental quality.

About – What’s your story – ted talks at “Supplier Conference 2022: Creating the future together!” You can read it here


It was a groundbreaking conference that presented ICL’s commitment to the environment and innovative solutions in the field of sustainability. 

As part of this important conference, we created an extraordinary Ted Talk event that captivated audiences worldwide.

In close cooperation with seven managers and esteemed company owners from the USA, the Netherlands, France, and more, we embarked on a two-month work journey to formulate the lectures and prepare for the event. 

Through Zoom meetings, we carefully created exciting lectures, designed engaging storytelling presentations, and sharpened the speakers’ skills to provide exciting and influential performances on stage.

The speakers’ hard work and dedication investment turned into an unforgettable event in the vibrant city of Amsterdam in front of 500 ICL suppliers worldwide. 

In each lecture, the speakers conveyed a powerful message: the ambition of their company in partnership with ICL to lead in sustainability solutions.

The event was a resounding success. Ted’s lectures conveyed an important message during the event. They laid the foundation for an ambitious effort for industry pioneers and sustainability enthusiasts worldwide to pave new paths, create discourse, and drive transformative change in sustainability through collaborations between companies.

500 suppliers from all over the world came to the conference. The conference, produced by Mainland under the direction of Sarit Ressler, was a spectacular, interactive, and incredibly professional event, rich in content, experiences, and, not least, hospitality at the highest level.

My mission at the conference was the hour of Ted talks. This time, the central theme was collaborations to foster sustainability and the quality of the environment on a global level.

Are you interested in producing a TED TALKS event in your company?

Do you want to know what we did in the previous two months so that seven speakers worldwide would stand on stage and present inspiring lectures?

Would you like to taste what an innovative, leading, groundbreaking company looks, feels, and sounds like?

This is why I wrote the article you are reading right now.

In the next few minutes, I want to take you to Tuesday, 20.6.23. The place: Kit Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Photo: Assaf Ehrenreich

About 500 suppliers from all over the world are sitting in the hall, the event opened with presentations by senior ICL management, and now we have reached the time of the Ted Talks.

Meet, this is Emi Berkowitz—moderator of the TED TALKS segment.

Hello everyone. I am Emi Berkovich, the Head of Global Procurement Operations at ICL.

We are now entering the next session of our conference, and trust me, it’s going to be very exciting.

In the next hour, we will not discuss plans; however, we will hear six stories from the field, company owners, and managers worldwide, who are all part of ICL’s strategic partners team.

  • Do you remember what our main topic at the conference is?

That’s right, partnership!

A strategic partnership to maintain sustainability. And also to make some profit while we’re at it…

But we don’t do it alone!

We walk this road together with our team of excellent strategic partners. You are sitting here today, a team that you are part of. Because only together, in close collaboration, will we achieve this vision.

In the last two months, the speakers who will soon get on this stage have worked and prepared their talks thoroughly, including at night and on weekends. And the results are exciting.

So first of all, thank you, dear speakers, for your collaboration and investment in preparation for this event and the great results.

We all know that every decade has its trending phrase or word. Today we often talk about partnerships.

  • But what stands behind this word?

After all, most of us enter partnerships while thinking more about our interests and less about the other side.

  • Is there a way to develop a relationship and partnership where both sides benefit equally?
  • And if so, how do we create such a partnership?
  • And how can a synergetic partnership help maintain sustainability?

To talk about “True Supplier-Customer Partnerships: Beyond a Zero-Sum Game,” please welcome the CEO of Vynova, a leading European PVC and chlor-alkali company – Christophe André!

 Thank you, Chritophe!

We must admit, there has never been a time when we have so many options.

Reality is changing extremely fast, presenting new necessities and challenges.

  • But the big question is: Can a company open every door by itself, no matter how big?
  • And if we want to penetrate a new market, and we can’t do it ourselves, how can we find the right strategic partner to help us open this door?

To talk about: “Together, for a better tomorrow,” we have two of the leaders of McCarthy, a design-build construction company based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Please welcome Science & Technology Business Leader – Ryan Molen, and Director of Project Development Kristyn Newbern!

Thank you, Ryan and Krystin!

You know, The whales in our oceans get suffocated by plastic bags. Plastic products pollute the earth, and large areas become waste sites. One of the main reasons for this sad situation is the packaging. Packages pollute our world and damage the environment.

  • Is it possible to plan for the impact of our packaging on the environment?
  • And how can we both reduce shipping costs and protect the environment?

To discuss “Greif’s Green Tool: Data Based Decisions for a Better World,” please welcome Senior Area Sales at GRIEF – Dick van den Brink!

Thank you, Dick!

dick van den brick recommendation

The next speaker will take us on a journey back in history. But if you ask her, she will tell you that this is just the starting point for the future.

  • In this talk, we will learn about the ship of the new era.
  • This recently built ship will sail on hydrogen with zero emissions and help preserve our planet.
  • This story proves that when you have a vision – even if it seems far and unimaginable, there will always be a strategic partnership to turn it into a reality.

Please welcome the CEO of NPRC, the largest inland shipping cooperative in Europe – Femke Brenninkmeijer!

Thank you, Femke!

Sharing, Partnership, Cooperation – these words apply to all areas of business activity.

  • We live in a digital world where online networks are the main arena to create exposure for new services, sell products, and differentiate our company from the competition.
  • So, it is clear why we all want to be there.
  • Communicating online allows us to make a change regarding social, economic, ecological, and basically everything.

So, there’s no wonder why companies that aim to generate growth and promote sustainability invest heavily in this arena.

  • But can we achieve outstanding business results and promote sustainability while investing less time and resources?

This is exactly what our next speaker will talk about.

Please welcome Senior Vice President of Executive Customer Advisory at EcoVadis – Nicole Sherwin!

Thank you, Nicole! 

If you search Google for the word ‘SAFETY’, you will find more than six and a half billion mentions!

  • Why is that?

Safety is always on our minds, And because there are quite a few dangers in every area of our lives, And also because of the high price we pay for them!

  • How is safety in aviation connected to safety in factories?
  • How can we increase safety in chemical plants?
  • And what are the four benefits we will create for our businesses and the environment through better factory safety?

To talk about “Transforming Plant Safety and Making the World a Better Place,” Please welcome the Head of Strategic Business at Endress+Hauser International AG – Melanie Sommer!

Thank you, Melanie! Stay with me, please.

I invite all seven speakers to the stage to close this session. You were outstanding; you moved, intrigued, and enriched us all.

Photo: Assaf Ehrenreich

Whether it was ships or packages, synergetic partnerships, or risk management, you have exposed professional content that can help us foster sustainability.

And you also shared your touching personal stories.

Thank you again for your hard work, and congratulations on the outcome! We will continue to dream and work for a greener future in full partnership! Thank you.


What did we do? 

The development of the TED TALKS included five stages:

  • Step 1 – Zoom workshops to understand Ted’s language
  • Step 2 – Forming the topics, contents, and messages and editing the lectures.
  • Step 3 – Build storytelling presentations for lectures.
  • Step 4 – Preparing visual aids
  • Step 5 – Zoom simulations and general rehearsal live in Amsterdam (content, presentations, standing in front of an audience, body language, creating drama and interest, use of aids, and more


In conclusion,

The lectures will continue to resonate long after the event is over.
ICL wanted to convey the vital message that “only in full partnership, together, can we promote the issue of sustainability,” as the company’s CPO Ido Lilian so aptly said, went through excellently!

Also, the powerful message of Dina Gertz, VP of Global Indirect and Israel procurement, “Dancing Solo Is an option, but it’s not the best option,” moved people in the hall, and today, two weeks after the event, we know that it also moved them on social networks.

  • The visual materials from the event – photographs, videos, and videos of the lectures, will help strengthen the brand and spread its message.
  • Some of the marketing materials will even be used in additional company events.
  • The speakers will return to their positions in the Veshem companies. They will expand the discourse circles around the event, the lecture, and the shared message for sustainability, in front of their customers and suppliers.

Undoubtedly, it was an exciting process, with inspirational speakers, and outstanding results. And all this can also happen at a Ted Talks Event in your company.

Are you thinking about a Ted Talk event? if so, better Contact us >>

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