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Shirit Ben Israel

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The usual beginning goes like this: “Hey, Shirit, we have an idea. We aim to host workshops for creating Ted lectures, sharing knowledge, and fostering unity. However, we’re unsure of how to go about it. We’re interested in your proposal for a Ted Talks event.”

The outcome is consistently outstanding, thrilling, impactful, informative, and motivating. If you’re contemplating organizing a Ted-style lecture event in your workplace or organization, look at the TED TALKS events we designed last year.

The ALUT project, run by the National Association for Children and Adults with Autism, aimed to empower parents of children with autism to speak at schools and change attitudes towards those on the spectrum.

Our team began working on this project in June of this year to transform workshop content into personal stories for TED Talks.

All participants, parents of children on the autism spectrum, joined via Zoom from various locations across the country. The event was a huge success, as four mothers shared their moving and inspiring stories of coping with raising daughters and children with autism on stage.

The ISAF Foundation, which provides scholarships to underprivileged students in remote areas, organized a TED TALKS project.

The project aimed to empower their graduates who were about to complete their studies and equip them with practical skills to succeed in finding jobs and integrating into the high-tech job market.

Mira, Geneva, Tal, and Nicole went above and beyond to make the event a success, which is what characterizes ISAF students. The event exceeded expectations.

Any organization can achieve This inspiring situation through strategic planning and precise execution in developing TED lectures and TED TALK events.

The employees’ organization of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality was one of the first in Israel to recognize the effectiveness of TED lectures and TED TALK events in achieving three goals: empowering employees, creating organizational differentiation, and building marketing leverage to position the organization.

Over the past five years, we have hosted various TED TALK events covering different topics and created an in-house lecturer database of program graduates and speakers invited to perform at corporate events.

Uri Gordin, Commander of the Home Front Command, recently gave a TED talk about the successful mission to protect the public during the two-year battle against COVID-19.

Gordin’s presentation focused on accomplishing tasks and achieving victory with a precise and powerful delivery.

The audience consisted of 600 decision-makers from emergency organizations and municipalities in Israel, and the event took place at the Culture Hall on the Modi’in stage.

The Kiryat Ono municipality’s TED TALKS project involved twelve women from the women’s directorate, including a pastry chef, a management consultant, two kindergarten teachers, a gerontologist, a stylist, a beautician, and a marriage counselor.

Each woman had a unique and exciting story to tell, and the goal was to help as many participants as possible deliver an engaging personal story lecture in the style of a TED talk. 

The project culminated in a live event at KIRYA ACADEMIT Ono, where four speakers captivated an audience of 250 people, including the mayor and other elected officials.

Their speeches may have even been more memorable than the singer who performed after them.

The project was a huge success, particularly for the speakers, who embarked on new life chapters.

The ICL group’s management recently recognized ten of its top suppliers through a carefully-selected process. These suppliers attended workshops and personal meetings via Zoom to prepare lectures and presentations.

Among them were CEOs of large companies and organizations. They recognized that delivering a TED TALK lecture is the most effective way to create exposure, differentiation, and market their brand, company, and owner.

The ten speakers will be able to showcase their TED TALKs at a large conference in Beer Sheva on December 28, 2022, which both suppliers and customers will attend.

In conclusion,

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